Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8/16 Log

I woke up as lean and fit as ever this morning, in spite of consuming 400 grams of carbs yesterday (mostly fructose, the horror!). To hear some people talk you'd think I should have been in a diabetic coma. But I digress.

Today's workout was short and sweet, done while my kids played on the playground:

2 rounds of:
~1/2 mile run (five laps around the playground, didn't measure precisely)
25 burpees
50 jumping pullups
75 squats

B: green smoothie (peach, spinach, kale, cucumber, avocado, raw protein, almond milk)
Snacks: 1 oz almonds, 1 oz walnuts, 4 apricots
L: 2 veggie burgers wrapped in tortillas with heirloom tomato and spicy mustard
S: 2 apples
D: salad (field greens, kale, red onion, celery, cucumber, olives, cubed tofu, avocado) and a sprouted mung bean dosa (flatbread made from sprouted mung beans and water), watermelon for desert

Calories: 2807
Carbs: 272
Protein: 177
Fat: 134

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