Saturday, August 6, 2011

I love tofu

That's why I eat it all the time. In case you were wondering. I've read all the anti-soy propaganda (and unlike most, I've read the pro-soy propaganda too) and I still eat it. So there. So far I haven't grown a third boob (or a first and second, really), or developed endocrine disorders, or become obese or weak or cancer ridden. Quite the opposite in fact. Tofu fills me up, makes me feel energetic and strong, and most importantly, I really, really like it. I never get tired of it. I can only take so many salmon steaks, and a beef steak is nauseating.

Now, for those who are 'concerned' (ie, judging), I generally avoid processed soy ( TVP, soy protein powder, etc), and I only eat organic soy beans grown in the US, and for the most part I buy sprouted tofu (which addresses most of the anti-nutrient issues) unless it's not available (but usually it is. I live in the Bay Area. We're very enlightened here.). The ingredients on the label: soybeans, water, nigari. The process: grind up the beans, mix with water and nigari, allow to coagulate, press. I can do that in my kitchen. I HAVE done that in my kitchen. Tofu is real food. I shall eat it.

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